Friday, December 4, 2015

After acquiring our first trophy, we heard reports of stick men attacking people in their sleep deep within the depths of a forest, which I believe to be the Hooktongue Slau, although I still do not completely understand the geography of this land.  We went to the forest, and we ventured into it, where we encountered a young boy being attacked by stick men. We rescued the boy from the stick men, but their comrades appeared and attacked. We fought the stick men, and for just a tiny moment the spell I was using became vastly more powerful, as though the gods and forces of reality forgot how it worked. We defeated the stick men and ventured deeper into the forest, where we encountered a massive tree that was the source of the bloom. We defeated it, although Gregor did most of the work, and took its heartwood as the second trophy. On our way out, the Wild Hunt attacked us, and attempted to kill us. We stood out ground and slew them with ease, attaining our third trophy. We now could wither attempt to go slay Nyrissa, or keep attacking blooms.

Friday, November 13, 2015

After venturing deep enough into the forest, we encountered fairies who told us that "The blooms are coming." We had no idea what this meant, so Gregor attempted to commune with his sword to determine what it is. He learned that a bloom is an area where the border between our world and the "First World" is eggshell thin, or less. We waited in the forest for a bloom to appear, as a bloom is the only way to acquire trophies, which are required to perform a ritual that will take us to the "First World." While we waited, Linkles went to the "First World" with Glade and gained the ability to travel between the worlds when the barrier is thin. However, he almost always seems to come back drunk beyond belief. After some waiting, we learned of a bloom within Solvania. We ventured back, but Glade and Linkles arrived first, and nearly died attempting to destroy the bloom. Eventually, Gregor, Rigby, and I arrived at Solvania, and together we were able to eliminate the bloom, which appeared as a black whirlpool with black swans. The water made people all over Solvania blind, but we destroyed the bloom and attained our first trophy.
After we finished our business in Pitax, we returned to Solvania. During the time there, we finished up some political events and fitted ourselves out with new equipment. Shortly after our down time, we received word from Glade that we must venture out into the wilderness to fight a strange fey woman, part of whom was also located in Briar, which Gregor now holds. We ventured to the forest and traveled through, when eventually we encountered a dryad in the forest, who attacked us. We killed her and the trees, which were apparently living. I am sensing that Glade does not like me very much after that fight, as I tended to burn the trees. We then continued to venture into the forest in search of the being we were sent to fight.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My companions and I are hiding in the wine cellars of King Irriovetti's castle. We have decided to make our way through the hallways to the kings chambers, and then kill him in his sleep. We burst out of the cellar, only to find some guards at the entrance, as we had used a servant as bait. We slew the guards in short order, but one ran off to warn the trolls in the main hall. We slew the trolls as well, and moved on through the secret door that Rigby found. We moved through more halls, killing another troll. I finally understand why they call this castle the Castle of One Hundred Doors. We eventually went through a secret trapdoor into the armory, then through into the torture chambers. We found yet another secret door, which led into a room full of death dogs. We killed them, but not before they woke Irriovetti. However, he was woken while completely unarmored, and he could not escape. He turned himself invisible, but we were able to locate him and slew him very quickly. We looted his bedroom, and then we took his armor, and the weapon, Briar. Gregor was going to originally take the armor, but he gave it to me to use when he discovered that it was cursed. Gregor did take Briar and Irriovetti's shield. Pitax is now under the rule of Queen Arsinoe of Solvania.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

After my companions and I arrived at Solvania to discover that it had been conquered by the king of Pitax, we debated over a strategy to eliminate him and remove his presence from the kingdom. We decided to attempt to make our way through the castle, instead of facing his mercenaries head on, and we then traveled to Pitax. Once arriving, Gregor and I camped outside the city, as both of us were well known from the events of the Rushlight Tournament. Rigby, Glade, and Linkles explored within the city. Rigby gathered information from the local thieves guild, Glade examined the castle and gathered knowledge of it, and Linkles went to find a pair of boots. Later, all of them returned and Rigby and Glade told us what they had discovered. Rigby had discovered that some of the noble families were losing power and were out of favor with the king. Glade had learned that the castle was all on one floor, and that it was called the Castle of One Hundred Doors. The next day, the trio went back into the city to try and find a way to smuggle Gregor and I into Pitax. We were camped outside of pitax when eventually, Rigby secured support from one of the high families to smuggle Gregor and I into the city. We were smuggled in, although i was forced to shave for the first time. I will not be doing that again. Once we were in, we met with a sausage maker that regularly made sausage and cheese for the king. We were all smuggled into the castle inside of sausage barrels, and then Glade went out to scout the castle in the form of a spider. The rest of us are waiting and hiding in the wine cellars.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My name is Erik Armag Redbeard. I came to the lands of the south to learn the secret of fire magic, so that I might use it to help free my homeland. However, I was caught up in a wave of adventure and danger in my search for magic, becoming the Champion of Queen Arsinoe of Solvania. I joined the paladin of Phorasma Gregor Fogg, the druid Glade, and the rogue Declin. The four of us journeyed for some time, but eventually Declin was forced to leave and go to his home to become the new Blackjack. At about the same time, our group gained two new members. The sorcerer Linkles, and the rogue Rigby. Both proved their worth in combat, and have earned my respect. Recently, our group discovered a group of Ulat-Kini that were being enslaved by Denizens of Leng, more commonly known as Mindflayers. The Denizens were attempting to raise more Mindflayers, and in an effort to crush us as we confronted them, summoned one of the Dark Young of Shub-Nigguriath. Thanks to Linkles' connection to the wild magic around him, we managed to slay the beast and chase off the Denizens of Leng. On our way back Gregor interrogated a cultist to decipher a riddle, so that we might learn what the Cult of the Whispering Way is planning. I also found a temple to Gorum, and managed to aqquire a sword that should prove very beneficial in the future. However, not all was peaceful. When we returned to Solvania, we discovered that a rival king had conquered Solvania and forced every citizen to swear that they would not take up arms against this aeglaeca. This cowardly king has insulted Queen Arsinoe, whom I represent, and I shall not take this lightly. This man's head shall roll.